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Peaceful Pixie Soulful Yoga & Meditation is created with my passionate love for yoga and mindfulness. Yoga is a beautiful way of being that will enhance your life, welcome you back to your body, release habitual tension and encourage a greater focus and quality of mind.

Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. Times for us to balance ourselves, to get peace back in our soul and keep calm before any matter in life. At Peaceful Pixie I can help you to release your positive energy over the stress and negativity of today’s busy world. Relax your mind with my soulful Yin and Yang Yoga Group Classes, Private Classes, Workshops and Retreats.

Peaceful Pixie has regular classes in various styles including Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Mindful Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yin & Yang Styles together.

Come join Peaceful Pixie to find balance for your mind and body, transform into a more conscious state of being and give yourself time to slow down, recharge and relax.

My Story

I first came to yoga eight years ago when I found myself overwhelmed with work and life in London. Discovering the London Buddhist Centre my journey began by signing up for meditation and yoga courses. It acted as a cure for my stressful and imbalanced life, building a bridge which connected my inner self to the outside world more positively.

It has played such a powerful part in my healing journey and I’m very enthusiastic about sharing my passion for how yoga benefits my life in order to help others. This led onto a lifestyle and something that I couldn’t live without. Yoga has taught me so much about myself and I love the fact that in each class I teach or practices in, there is always something new to learn or change for the better.

My Knowledge

Since completing my six month, two hundred hour Yoga Alliance teacher training with ‘One Yoga’ in London I have also completed various mindfulness and meditation training, growing my overall focus into Soulful Yoga, Health & Well-being and Meditation practices.

Although yoga started off as a physical practice for me, as it does for a lot of people, overtime the connection was made with the mind and spirit and how one can affect the other.

My Style

My teaching style is fun, friendly, positive and energetic with a focus on correct alignment and avoiding injury. It’s structured in a way to connect mind, heart and body with uplifting energy and emphasis on the healing roots of yoga. My intention is to share yoga in an inclusive way, providing a space for students to explore and welcome all that arises throughout their practice, in order to harness a deeper sense of awareness through mind/body connection.

In my classes you will find focus on the conscious breath and how to connect it with each meditative movement. I hope to take you on a journey of your own body, with no judgements, just complete acceptance of where you are in this particular moment. This will support you to experience and enjoy the journey of ‘the self’.​

Further Learning

Despite being a teacher, I remain a student of yoga. I learn from different teachers and practitioners and maintain a daily self-practice. I believe that we’re all on a continuous journey and I deepen my knowledge by attending regular workshops, training and retreats. I have also achieved my 18-month Level 4 teacher training and graduated as a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher (additional RYT 300 hours, July 2018).

I am very passionate and keen to share ‘the path of balance’ and my desire to live in balance has become my life’s practice. It is the barometer that allows me to check in and acknowledge when I have swayed to the wrong side of the spectrum. It is easy to get caught up in the doing, the getting things done to accomplish the many tasks we list for ourselves. In the complexity of modern life, it is easy to become imbalanced, which can often lead to irritation, fear, anxiety, or illness. When I do too much, overextend myself, and lose sight of the delicate equilibrium between work, play, and rest, I am not happy. There is no peace.

It’s important to cultivate and acknowledge that our Yang driven worlds need Yin to create that true centered balance and to slow down. In June 2018, I embarked on more ‘Yin Yoga’ teacher training, for Yin teachers, going deeper into this power practice with Yin Yoga Master Norman Blair, such an incredible experience. I have achieved an additional 30 hours of certification with the Yoga Campus. (Yin Intensive Training: Minds, Meridians, Moments).


  • I’ve been going to both Stephanie's Friday and Saturday classes for a few weeks now and I’m really enjoying them!

    Stephanie has a really lovely way of teaching which creates an atmosphere that makes me feel confident and comfortable to try new postures and additions. I Would definitely recommend Peaceful Pixie Yoga!

    Carrie-Leigh Marlow

  • I really enjoy Stephanie’s yoga classes, I love the unique part of meditation and breathing practices, the flow of movements in the class, focusing and balancing the mind and breath.

    Classes are planned beautifully and I feel much stronger and relaxed after Stephanie's classes.

    Joyce Chee

  • I had never tried any form of yoga before and was a bit skeptical when I went to my first class but Stephanie was so welcoming, lovely and so reassuring it made me feel so at ease.

    I came away feeling relaxed and centered, it is the perfect way to let go of stress and focus on yourself. I personally love the Friday night class which really helps you forget the week and gets you ready to enjoy the weekend! I'd highly recommend this class to anyone!

    I'll keep coming every Friday I'm home from uni, thank you Stephanie!

    Jade Abbott

  • Absolutely love Stephanie's Mindful Yoga Flow class, I look forward to it every Friday as a wonderful way to put the stresses and strains of my busy week behind me and set me up for a restful weekend.

    Stephanie's soothing voice and positive energy brings the whole experience together and creates a peaceful, supportive environment regardless of your level of experience as a yogi. Suitable for all levels as Stephanie provides a variety of options to suit all abilities.

    Deirdre Clover

  • Love Stephanie’s classes! I either attend Friday night or Saturday morning at The Amethyst Cave, a lovely space with heated floor. Stephanie is very knowledgeable, patient and encouraging.

    A lovely friendly soul with a lovely calming voice and demeanour. You really should give the classes a try – you won’t regret it – and you get a lovely massage from the Peaceful Pixie at the end with some lovely oil.

    Sally Shefford

  • I have been going to Stephanie's Friday evening class for two months now. It's amazing. As a busy mum of three, it's time out for me, relaxation and a work out too.

    Stephanie explains each pose, so even as a newbie, I never feel out of my depth. I have felt the benefits instantly and would recommend Stephanie's classes to all. Thank you Stephanie.

    Clare Nicholls

  • I do Stephanie’s classes every Monday evening at BH Live, Queenspark. I absolutely love them, wish i could do them more than once a week.

    She has a beautiful ora about her and i love the meditation side of her classes too. It’s helped me correct my posture and my back injury tremendously.

    I would recommend everyone try Stephanie's classes, she is a great teacher!

    Sheila Jethwa

  • I can hands down say Stephanie is the BEST yoga teacher I have ever had. Her style of teaching is something I've never experienced before.

    The class flows really well, I understand why we're working on certain moves and what poses it's working towards.

    It's really challenging, I actually sweat and shake! So I know my muscles are working hard. But at the same time, it's really relaxing and a brilliant way to relieve stress.

    Lucy Gould

  • I love the Warm Vinyasa Flow yoga classes. I’m still quite new to Yoga but feel very comfortable in Stephanie’s class, I can take it at my own pace, but I am also encouraged to challenge myself, if I feel I can, in the moment.

    I come out of class feeling amazing every time!

    Kim Dibley

  • What a brilliant Vinyasa Flow for Zest & Energy class today! I feel such a good energy running through me, Stephanie has such a lovely teaching style.

    Thank you for being so personal and observant despite the full class, and such a nice relaxation at the end of a tailored, delightful session.

    Charlotte Helliker

  • I’ve been going to Stephanie’s Saturday Vinyasa Flow classes for 5 months now - and I have to say that, as a complete newbie to yoga myself, she’s brilliant!

    The classes are varied each week and I always feel amazing after class. The mix of yoga flows and meditation is the perfect antidote to a busy life.

    Angela Barnard

  • If you have been on the go all week whether it's work, home, children etc. This is certainly a class to re-balance your life and bring some peace and joy coupled with relaxation and grounding after the class.

    Thoroughly recommend Peaceful Pixie Soulful Yoga and Meditation! You have nothing to lose but plenty to gain!

    Michael Wee

  • Excellent yoga classes! Stephanie has a lovely smile that transmits happiness and peace.

    She is a very supportive teacher, she gives her best in every class preparing each session with enthusiasm. Love her fast Vinyasa Flow Classes!

    Alba Blazquez

  • Absolutely amazing classes! Friendly and adorable teacher. I’ve never really been into yoga because of fear but Stephanie made me feel so comfortable. You can see her passion and it’s infectious. Love the classes!

    Would highly recommend Peaceful Pixie Soulful Yoga and Meditation.

    Khetsiwe Giles-Rowley

  • I cannot recommended Stephanie's yoga classes enough. She is a fantastic instructor, warm and welcoming and her classes are always varied, relaxing and challenging.

    I’m a beginner and Stephanie's instructions are always very clear, so the classes are really for everyone!

    Kathleen Caisley

  • Stephanie has a really lovely way of teaching!
  • I love the unique part of meditations and breathing practice!
  • The perfect way to let go of stress and focus on yourself!
  • Absolutely love Stephanie's Mindful Yoga Flow class!
  • Love Stephanie’s Yoga Classes!
  • I have felt the benefits instantly and would recommend Stephanie's classes to all!
  • I would recommend everyone try Stephanie's classes, she is a great teacher!
  • I can hands down say Stephanie is the BEST yoga teacher!
  • I love the Warm Vinyasa Flow yoga classes!
  • What a brilliant Vinyasa Flow for Zest & Energy class!
  • The Classes are varied each week and I always feel Amazing after Class!
  • Thoroughly recommend Peaceful Pixie Soulful Yoga and Meditation!
  • Excellent Yoga Classes!
  • Absolutely Amazing Classes!
  • I Cannot Recommended Stephanie's Yoga Classes Enough!

Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.


Max Strom